2018.9.1 event Infomation

JC WakuWaku Festa
open time:11:00~17:00
Venue:Hesokko Park

Various attractions to watch, experience, eat and drink!

Udatsu Marché
open time:11:00~17:00
Venue:Honmachi St.

The street market which has a lot of handmade delicious food and nice goods!

The Market on Ginza Street
open time:11:00~20:00
Venue:Ginza St.

There are all kinds of food, knick-knacks on the street!!

Shikoku Sake Festival in Fall
open time:11:00~20:00
Venue:Furatto Square

Taste over 20 brands sake selected from around Shikoku!!

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Eating at Miyoshi city!

Here is Miyoshi city's information on restaurants and bars.
Of course there are delicious lunch and nice bars, but also unique people in Miyoshi city's restaurants and bars. Come check them out!

Having fun in Miyoshi city

Not only this championship, but last year, rafting world championship was held at here in Miyoshi.
In addition you can enjoy more activities other than water sports, such as paraglider or tree trekking under the rich nature. Contact us if you want to enjoy them.


A water activity to go down the river with intense stream by a raft.
Corporarting with your crew, get over the stream! Enjoy the scenery you can only see on a raft


Miyoshi city tourism association E-mail:info@miyoshi-tourism.jp


SUP stands for Stand up paddle. You literally stand up on a surf board and row the board with a paddle stick.This is getting bigger in Japan!


TOPSアウトドアステーション TEL:0883-86-1118

Tree trekking

Tree treking was born in France, it is popular globally since it lets you feel the nature and at the same time stimulating and exciting. You move one tree to another by walking on a radder or a rope. Since you will be trying not to fall from trees, you get really concentrated. So kids to adults regardless of you athletic ability, everybody can enjoy this activity


River Station West-West TEL:0883-84-1117


You can enjoy also sky sports, which is paraglider here in Miyoshi.
Unlike airplains nor helicopters, your body itself flies, and this is what makes this activity attractive.Why don't you take a walk in the sky, looking down the magnificent nature.


VANスカイスポーツ TEL:0883-77-3065


Sliding off a cable with a pully! It is a popular activity since it's stimulating and it lets you see the magnificent view while you are in the air. Why don't you enjoy the view which is distinct from that of top of the mountain.


フォレストアドベンチャー・祖谷 TEL:080-6284-2105