why we are having this competition in Miyoshi

Around Yoshino river located in Miyoshi city, a lot of beautiful sceneries and nature can be seen. At upper stream of the river, rafting is suitable since its with a raging stream, on the other hand, at the down stream, it is good for wakeboarding since it has one of the best calm water. So as a touristic resource,this lake has a potential to attract both Japanese and foreigners.

By World Wake Championships, we can get people to know what is attractive about Tokushima,at the same time, we share the value and the possibility of water sports. So after this event, by growing wakeboarding as a new touristic resource, inflows of the people and business to west side of Tokushima prefecture will be increasing, which will lead to the development of this area.

The committee of
WWA world championship

  • 会長 徳島県知事 飯泉嘉門

    the governor of Tokushima Prefecture Kamon IIzumi

  • 副会長 三好市長 黒川征一

    Vice President
    the mayor of Miyoshi city Seichi Kurokawa

  • 名誉会長 シャノン・スターリング

    Honorary Chairman
    Shanon starring

Organizational structure and members
list of The committee of Wake World Championships

About Tokushima prefecture
・Miyoshi city

Shikoku is one of the islands in Japan, and one of 4 main islands, the other three are Hokkaido and Kyusyu and main island. The size of Shikoku island is 18,297.78km2, which is the 50th biggest island in the world. in the east side of this Shikoku island,Tokushima Prefecture is located, and connected to the mainland with Akashikaikyo bridge and Onaruto bridge, you can reach to Osaka less than 2 hours and a half by crossing these bridges.

In August, an internationally famous dance, Awa dance can be seen anywhere in Tokushima, you would say it is Japanese Rio carnival, if you see people dance so hard and crazy


Tokushima has a rich nature, such as Yoshino river, Mt. Kenzan, Ohama Beach. Especially in Miyoshi in the west of Tokushima, there is Yoshino river running through the Shikoku mountains created by dynamic deformation of the earth. Around Oboke and Koboke valley, the flow of the water increases drastically, so it got famous for rafting. Actually last year, this river was chosen for the site of rafting world championships. On the other hand, down the river, there is Lake ikeda, where almost no wind comes in thanks to its geographical feature, so this calm lake has the best condition for wakeboarding and other water sports which needs the calm water condition. so as the result this lake is also chosen for the site of Wakeboard World Championships 2018.

In addition, along the river, there are a lot of downhills, where you can find ziplines and treetrecking, these activities are getting popular all over the world. You can be like a tarzan in jungle in this "gravity park'. This wonderful adventurous sports world where you can enjoy million years of the movements of the earth, leads people to impressive world.


As for Cultural perspectives, there are a lot of attractive places in Miyoshi such as "samurai bridge" made out of vines, and also "Iya's old japanese scenery" described as the Eutopia, or Oboke and Koboke famous for their cliffs with a lot of beautiful valley in hidden places, or "Ochiai shuraku" registered as National Preserved District of Significant Historical Buildings.


touristic infromation
about Miyoshi city Tokushima

access to
the site

For those who came by car

During the cahmpionship, only authorized vehicles can be parked near the site.
Park your car at Ikeda Sogo gymnasium, and take free shuttle bus to the site.

For those who came by train or bus

■If you arrive Awa odori airport,
take Limousine bus then JR Tokushima line(train) then shuttle bus.
Tokushima Awa odori airport (28minutes, Limousine bus) →Tokushima station(75 minutes, express train of JR Tokushima line)→Awaikeda station(15 minutes shuttle bus)→Ikeda lake

■If you arrive Takamatsu airport,
take shuttle bus.
Takamatsu airport(Takamatsu to Iya direct bus, leaves at 9:45 and takes 90 minutes)→Awaikeda bus terminal→(15 minutes shuttle bus)→Ikeda lake

=Information on the shuttle bus=
Iya bus:


Shuttle bus route


Here is the timetable

■Temporary parking lot and free shuttle bus depot
2551-4, Ikedacho Machi, Miyoshi-shi, Tokushima, 778-0002, Japan

  • We can park 300 cars
  • Approximately 8 minutes by car from the IkawaIkeda interchange
  • It takes about 15 minutes by shuttle bus to venue.