Water kids


Future world champ “Ikeda lake eleven” are now here

World Wake Championship will be held on 30th of March to 2nd of September, at Ikeda lake located in Miyoshi city Tokushima Prefecture, one of the best site in the world chosen by WWA. This Miyoshi city is launching "water kids" project.
The manager of this project will be "Tsutahan"which is the mascot of a legendary coach of Ikeda high school baseball team.
The coach of this project will be "Toshiki Yasui" who won the second place on "world games" a.k.a another Olympics
In general, to be better at sports, we need both good environment and leader. Ikeda lake at Miyoshi city, does not get affected by wind ,so it is always in a good condition. this means its a heaven for watersports like wakboarding. Here begins a drama of "Water kids" with good environment and leader

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