Water kids


“Water Kids” project presented by MIYOSHI, the internationally known water sports city

MIYOSHI, the Internationally known water sports city

Last year 2017, rafting world cup was held in Miyoshi, and this year, 2018 wake board world championships will be here. World cup is a supreme competition where the world champion will be decided. Needless to say, host city must have the best condition for the sports.Miyoshi is selected by athletes, since this is the city with the best condition for two water sports, so now it is getting famous as the internationally known water sports city.

What is the “water kids” project?

Few decades ago, Ikeda high school baseball team did quite well at national championships of baseball for high schools. Those players were the hope of the town. They fought in the championships by trying to reciprocate the hope and support from people in town, which got the town active as the result. These kids are grown in this warm town, so they all became worthy adults.

Internationally known Water sports city MIYOSHI has the best condition for the future world champion of water sports. It is difficult to offer kids artificial sites for the sports like snowboarding or wakeboards, since these places are given from the earth. Ayumu Hirano, merely 19 years old kid, gave a huge impression to the world. He won the second place in half pipe snowboard in Pyeongchan Olympics! As world changes, sports also do, but here is the thing never changes. A top young athlete like Ayumu Hirano could not have been born without perfect nature and good coach. “water kids” project is to grow the kids with global mind under the rich water resource in Miyoshi city

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