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IKEDAKO-ELEVEN threw out the ceremonial first pitch at the

Shikoku Island baseball league. IKEDAKO-ELEVEN appealed to hold the Wakeboard World Championships (August 30th - September 2nd) at the opening game ceremony of Tokushima Indigo-socks vs. Kochi Fighting-dogs. Miyoshi city, Tokushima will become the first city to host the WWA Wakeboard World Championships in Asia.

Jyuna Moriwaki (fifth grade at Miyoshi-city Ikeda elementary school) threw out the ceremonial first pitch to the catcher. And also, Nakayama women’s junior college (Japanes Comedian) wore the event T-shirt of the Wakeboard World Championships at the baseball opening celemony and appealed the event, too.

Kochi Fighting-dogs won at the game with Komada former supervisor. The game got really lively!

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