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What is wakeboarding?

“wakeboarding“ is a brand new genre sport culture which is deeply rooted to young people’s culture and lifestyle.
In 1984, in the west coast of The United States, bunch of surfers thought ''what would happen if we tow a surfboard with a boat'', this playful spirit gave birth to wakeboard.
And later on, it kept growing as a board sport culture among young people who craves for free inspirations.
as of 1993, WWA(World Wakeboard Association is established, at this very moment, wakeboard became “a sport” from “a playing”.
And recently, for the 2020 Olympics, wakeboard was one of the candidate sports. It is now a huge sport which,30 million people enjoy around the world, and 800,000 people enjoy in Japan.

What is attractive about wakeboarding?

The most attractive part of Wakeboarding is the concept of “play with water” such as riding on the water freely, or getting on the boat with your friends and family. You stand on the board like snowboarding, and grab the handle and ride, so It is easy to take balance. Even beginners can stand up for the very first time. This is why wakeboarding attracts from kids to adults.

How do they compete?

After a boat goes through, there stays wakes, and with these wakes, we enjoy jumping and tricks, so its named as wakeboarding.
Upon competition, rides run approximately 400m long and it is not one way, roundtrip. we use “wake” as a jump ramp, riders are allowed to try tricks like spinning or jumping, up to eight times. The three judges on board judge the riders by how high they jumped and how difficult the trick was. They can fall only once, you only have second chance not the third one. The fun part of wakeboarding is to compete by jumping higher than anybody, or doing the awesome tricks.

What is WWA?

WWA was established by the first president, Jimmy Redmond who gave birth to Wakeboarding itself. later on, it grew as a sport culture for young people and it has been affected by surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding. Wakeboarding evolved even more, then “wake surfing” that you use wake as a wave was derived from wakeboarding. Also totally new idea that you get towed by cable instead of a boat is invented, which is “wake park”. this new idea got wakeboarding even more famous. Now, everywhere in the world, there are water complexes with wake park, these touristic places help regional economy develop.

The competition is divided into 2 genres, boats and cable. Both professional and amateur world championship are held annually. World series which takes place at few countries, so at each competition, there are titles and awards like F1. These two are the main competitions, plus, hundreds of sanctioned events are being held, which helps this sport to be more popular.
From Apr 2017, the name of the institution is changed from World Wakeboard Association to World Wake Association, now this WWA leads the water sports culture in the world.

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