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world championships are the most important competition, so you already know, the players with the best tricks will come to Japan!
One of them is Harley Clifford(AUS) ranked No.1 in WBWS ranking, a lot of you would expect that he will win be the champ. He is one of the most famous one too, I assume many of you are looking forward to seeing him ride! Mike Dowdy(USA) ranked No.1 in World ranking, he will be fascinating you by his dynamic tricks. Nick Rapa(AUS) is ranked No.2 in WBWS, also many of you would think he can be the champ. As against riders from all around the world, here comes the most known rider in Japan, Shota Tezuka, ranked 6th in WBWS ranking who is based in US. at the world tour in last year, he ended up with one of top players. 2017 JWBA pro tour champ Issei Asda is ready for the game with top riders. Yu Hamazaki is recently acquiring the world class tricks, who was 4th place in JWBA tour, he also can do quite well in the world champion ship.

Not only the men, but women class will be exciting too where the gap of the level between Japanese and World is getting smaller and smaller. Last year in world series she showed outstanding rides, ranked no.1 in WBWS, Taylor Mc Cullough. Nicola Butler ranked No.1 in WORLD ranking. Nobody knows which will be the champ. Larisa Morales(MEX) from Mexico Ranked No.7 in WORLD ranking, whose presence is getting bigger and bigger recently. We should check her out too. As for Japanese riders, JWBA pro tour champ Otoha Kawahara is coming to the world with more new techniques. Hinata Yoshihara, 2nd in JWBA pro tour, and Natsumi Yamamoto, she just became pro and got 3rd in JWBA pro tour, she may have the chance to challenge the world. Top riders from all over the world and Japan will be playing an exciting game in this 2018 world Championships, who will win? it's right here and we will know soon who the champ is going to be.

Top ranked riders are coming to Japan

  • Harley Clifford

    Harley Clifford (AUS)

    Ranked No.1 in 2017 WBWS ranking

  • Taylor McCullough

    Taylor McCullough (USA)

    Ranked No.1 in 2017 WBWS ranking

  • Mike Dowdy

    Mike Dowdy (USA)

    Ranked No.1 in 2017 WORLD ranking

  • Nicola Butler

    Nicola Butler (USA)

    Ranked No.1 in 2017 WORLD ranking

  • Nick Rapa

    Nick Rapa (AUS)

    Ranked No.2 in 2017 WBWS ranking

  • Larisa Morales

    Larisa Morales (MEX)

    Ranked No.7 in 2017 WORLD ranking

Japanese riders

  • 手塚 翔太

    Syota Tezuka

    Ranked No.6 in 2017 WBWS ranking

  • 河原 乙翔

    Otoha Kawahara

    Ranked No.6 in 2017 WBWS ranking

  • 浅田 一成

    Issei Asada

    No.1 in 2017 JABA pro tour

  • 吉原 陽向

    Hinata Yoshihara

    No.2 2017 JWBA pro tour
    No.1 2017 WWA ASIAN WAKE SERIES in Ikedako

  • 濱崎 優友

    You Hamazaki

    No.4 in 2017 JWBA pro tour
    No.1 2017 WWA ASIAN WAKE SERIES in Ikedako

  • 山本 捺深

    Natsumi Yamamoto

    No.3 2017 JWBA pro tour

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